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Anu Sithara

Anu Sithara

Anu Sithara is an Indian film actress who appears in Malayalam cinema. She got a entry into limelight Pottas Bomb in 2013. With back to back hits like Happy Wedding, Ramante Edanthottam and Captain, she established herself as a lead actress in Malayalam film industry.

Anu Sithara Filmography

Movie Name Role Character Name
Mamangam (2019) Actress Not Available
Subharathri (2019) Actress Not Available
And the Oskar Goes To.. (2019) Actress Chithra
Neeyum Njanum (2019) Actress Not Available
Oru Kuprasidha Payyan (2018) Actress Jalaja
Johny Johny Yes Appa (2018) Actress Jaisa
Oru Kuttanadan Blog (2018) Actress Hema
Padayottam (2018) Actress Meera
Captain (2018) Actress Anitha Sathyan
Aana Alaralodalaral (2017) Actress Parvathy
Sarvopari Palakkaran (2017) Actress Linta
Achayans (2017) Actress Prayaga
Ramante Edenthottam (2017) Actress Malini
Fukri (2017) Actress Aaliya Ali Fukri
Happy Wedding (2016) Actress Shahina
Pottas Bomb (2013) Actress Aswathi

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